We'll Work You Out and You'll Love AquaFit!

Aqua Fit is so much more than water aerobics. Aqua Fit offers one-on-one personal training with a Certified Aquatic Fitness Instructor coming to your pool in Miami/Dade using state of the art modern water fitness gear which we sell. Aqua Fit is NOT buoyancy foam equipment nor is it like any aqua aerobics or water class you may have experienced.

This site provides detailed info on how you can benefit from the technological advances of water fitness. Increase core strength, flexibility and range of motion while building lean muscle mass and accelerate fat loss.

The Evolution of Fitness has come to Miami, Florida and it is up to you to start thinking out of the box and enjoy a personal workout in a refreshing hospitible environment. Push yourself to the limit without punishing yourself. The fact is you get quicker, better more balanced results in a relaxing setting and most significantly in a safer environment. We hope you'll give Aqua Fit a try to see for yourself.